Bus is cheap!Sapporo from New Chitose Airport.

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The other day, when I went to New Chitose Airport, there was an advertisement like this.

1,100 yen from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo City

If you look into it in detail,

The maximum bus fare is 1,000 yen one way.

This means that it is cheaper and more convenient than Train.

By that,

This time, if you use the bus compared to Train, “There is such a merit!” And, I will tell you, including the disadvantages.

 What kind of person is good at it?

 Hotel guests in Sapporo city (no need to carry luggage to the station)

It is convenient for hotel guests because it can be used without carrying heavy luggage.

And, the price is also advantageous because it is cheaper than Train.

You have to carry heavy luggage to the station. Do you use JR?

Buses can be reached at the following hotels. (You can make a reservation from the link.)

 Premier Hotel TSUBAKI, Hotel Monterey Edelhof Sapporo

 ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Sapporo, Sapporo Grand Hotel

 Hotel Resol Trinity Sapporo, Sapporo View Hotel Odori Park

 Sapporo Prince Hotel, Royton Sapporo

 Keio Plaza Hotel

 Why do you recommend a bus?

 The only thing you can sit on is a bus (JR bus hours)

Train during commuting hours cannot be seated.

In that respect, the bus can sit comfortably.

 A further discount coupon is ¥ 1,000

You can buy 4 tickets for ¥ 4,000.

It can be used by two people for round trip, and there is no expiration date, so it is possible to leave it for the next time.

Train is 1,150 yen for unreserved seats, and 1,310 yen for “U seats” if you are worried about sitting down.

You can also choose to go by a 1,000 yen bus each way.

 Convenient (no transfer required, large luggage trunk)

Hotel guests in Sapporo city are convenient because the bus will take you to the hotel.

Buses can be used even by non-hotel users, so it is convenient for those who have trouble transferring.

 Advantages and disadvantages ofTrain and Bus

 38 minutes by Train rapid airport, unreserved seating ¥ 1,150, U seat ¥ 1,780

If the fares are high but you are in a hurry, JR is the best.

There is little disruption in operation, and many people use it.

 Airport Bus less than 1 hour ¥ 1,100 one way ¥ 4 coupon ¥ 1,000 one way

Buses are the best option if you need time but it is cheap.

Unlike Train, the disruption of the schedule is easily caused by traffic conditions.

If you buy 4 coupons, you can save 1,000 yen per way.